Introduction and history

The Rodriguez-Boto family founded the Abredo Artisan Cheese Company in 1988, after a long tradition of cheesemaking. The idea behind the initiative was to make cheese from the milk produced on the family’s own farm, a philosophy that is still in force today.

The Abredo Artisan Cheese Company is located in the coastal village of Abredo (Coaña, Asturias), in the lower part of the Navia river basin. This beautiful part of western Asturias is surrounded by green fields and has fine views overlooking the Bay of Biscay. The first commercial product elaborated by the company was Abredo cheese. This is a mild creamy cheese, which was originally only distributed in small local shops.

Some years after starting the company, the Rodriguez-Boto family recovered one of the dairy products most typical of the region, requesón, a fresh cheese similar to French fromage blanc or petit suisse. When the company began producing requesón, elaboration of this type of cheese was beginning to die out, and it was only made sporadically in some local villages. Requesón was traditionally consumed in northwestern Spain as a dessert, both on festive occasions and on working days.

Continuing with the aim of producing traditional products, in 2007 the Abredo Artisan Cheese Company added a new product to their range, arroz con leche (rice pudding), another dessert typical of the region and the rest of Asturias.

Although the dairy facilities have been modernized over the years, the business philosophy remains the same: to produce typical Asturian products using traditional recipes and prime raw material.

Abredo Cheese
Abredo Requesón
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Quesería Artesanal Abredo
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